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Brian Turner and Dianna Wreford, you will be missed!

Brian Turner and Dianna Wreford, you will be missed!

Pam Tiffany is pleased to present a check to Marianna Beuscher for the Alzheimer's Association!

Pam Tiffany is pleased to present a check to Marianna Beuscher for the Alzheimer’s Association!

Jen Walden

The month of March was our last month of scheduled social tournament play for the season. On March 14, we travelled to Palm Creek to play at their beautiful facilities, and on March 21 we got to play on Springfield’s new tennis courts! And our Farewell in-house tournament and picnic this year on March 25 was a huge success. We would like to thank Marianna Beuscher and the Pickleball Club for rearranging their Wednesday schedule so that we could hold this event in the morning. Thanks, guys!

It is always sad to say goodbye to our snowbird members at this time of year when they all flock back to their summer homes. Especially heart-wrenching this time is having to say farewell to Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, as they will not be returning next year. Dianna has been our social tournament director for several years and has done an excellent job! And Brian, our vice president, has been an invaluable asset to the club with all his extensive volunteer work and jovial demeanor. You will both be sorely missed, and we thank you profusely for all your hard work and patience with us over the years!

Last month, the SunBird Tennis Club made a donation to the Pickleball Club for their “Pickle for Purple” drive for the Alzheimer’s Association. The Pickleball Club does a great job every year for this organization, and we are more than pleased to help out!

Many of our year-round residents will continue to play during the summer months, so it isn’t completely “over” for all of us! So gather your tennis friends together for fun summer play—it’s beautiful in the early mornings!

Tennis Tips & Tricks: Tennis players need to be able to react to an opponent’s shots by moving around the court quickly. Skipping with a rope can improve your footwork and coordination! And for you summer players? Remember to drink plenty of water, especially during warm weather, and you can even take light snacks. You will see professional players taking a drink or eating a banana during a break in play.

Have a great summer!