SunBird summer mailing notice

Lynette Martens, Manager

The change in business hours at the SunBird Post Office begins Friday, May 1 from 9:00 a.m.-noon. All mail deposited at the SunBird Post Office and the blue postal box located at the end of the parking lot is collected at 2:15 p.m.

The SunBird Post Office offers a “hold and forward” service for residents of SunBird. This service includes: 1) Holding your mail for the duration of the time you are away; 2) Forwarding the types of mail you specify to your temporary location(s): 3) Mailing sent on a Friday should be delivered to you on the following Monday; 4) You designate the Friday dates you desire mailings to be sent.

The cost for this service is $7.75 per mailing (Priority Mail postage – $5.75 plus $2 handling fee). We can hold your mail for an extended period of time with no charge for 30 days. Holds over 30 days cost $1 per week. For complete details visit the SunBird Post Office or call 480-802-6783.