Clubhouse safety tips

The Clubhouse is full of facilities and equipment for recreational use. Proper use of these is greatly encouraged although sometimes accidents can occur anywhere for whatever reason. The Clubhouse has multiple fire extinguishers all throughout the clubhouse indicated by signs. First aid kits are located in the Ballroom kitchen, office, lapidary room and Horizon Room. The Clubhouse has three defibrillators with one located on each level of the Clubhouse; Fitness Room, main hall way outside of the Billiard Room and the upper level hallway just outside the Card Room. Emergency telephones are placed in various locations at all of our buildings including the laundry room and Clubhouse pools, post office building area, elevator, fitness room, ceramics room, lapidary room, upper level main hall way, pro shop hallway and outside the Billiard Room in the hall way. Again, we try to minimize the chance of accidents but recognize we need to be prepared in case of an emergency.