SunBird Personalities

Larry and Mary Beth Kosiba

Larry and Mary Beth Kosiba

Bob Neuman

SunBird residents have in common favorable weather, a beautiful place to live and friendly people. They are also diverse, having come from various places, different views, priorities and ideas. Some settle in, while others attempt to keep one foot in the home state.

Leaving behind family, friends and the harsh Indiana weather, this delightful couple moved into SunBird on February 22 to become all-year residents. Larry and Mary Beth Kosiba are not just satisfied or happy about their move. They are as ecstatic as it is possible for any humans to be. “We both are already aware that our arthritis is better,” said Larry.

Larry and Mary Beth checked several retirement places, but it was the drive between SunBird’s fairways 10 and 11 that sold her. “It was beautiful,” she stated.

Their three children live in the Midwest but, as yet, there are no grandkids…she adds, “Unfortunately.”

Larry attended school in Hammond, Indiana, where he played sports but adds, “I was never very good at any.” He does recall all the running he had to do, though. Twenty-nine years later, he went for an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering, then became an expert welder, completing very difficult assignments while employed at Inland Steel and Amoco.

Born in Kansas, Mary Beth and family moved to Hammond where she attended school. She was and is very athletic, being a very powerful swimmer. Many thought she was good enough for the Olympics. She also ran track. The unique part is that she entered Indiana University and graduated in two years at 18. She was then proficient in Respiratory Therapy, Pulmonary Technology and Sleep Technology. Her career in these specialties lasted 44 years.

An interesting endeavor took place on their 11 acres where they raised and sold miniature horses, something they thoroughly enjoyed. Then tragedy struck when Larry came down with a rare nerve disease some years ago that left him in constant pain. He feels the climate and sun have already given him some relief.

Told he would be bedridden, through the mercy of the Lord, this has not happened. In addition, there is an 89 percent suicide rate of those with the ailment. Not reticent about his faith, he attributes his survival to the prayers and the mercy of God. “I give Him all the credit,” he says.

Recently, Mary Beth nearly died undergoing spinal surgery when a mistake by the medical group left her with blood clots throughout her body. Death seemed eminent. However, she survived due to God’s power, “Jesus is an important part of my life.” Both are now highly satisfied attending SunBird Community Church.

Since arriving, they have jumped into activities. Mary Beth now plays water volleyball and likes knitting and walking the dogs. She and Larry are taking classes to be certified in ceramic to guide the SunBird club. Larry has interests in lapidary, stained glass and wood projects.

Another welcome couple has been added to SunBird.