People who make a difference and leave their mark

Norm Littrell

Norm Littrell

Pat Thomas

Most exceptional communities, if they’re lucky, have some exceptional people living there – people who make a difference and leave their mark.

SunBird was lucky, lucky to have had Norm Littrell living here. He is an exceptional person who has done a great deal for our community. Unfortunately, the Littrells are moving back to South Dakota, due to Doris’ poor health. Norm feels it will serve them better to be near family.

Norm and his wife Doris moved to SunBird in 1992, where he always says, “he found the good life.”

Norm loves golf, and he was quickly befriended by other golfers. They invited him to join the Bandits, a golf group here in SunBird. Now Mr. Littrell didn’t just join, he got involved, and with gusto, that’s just how he rolls. In a little over a year, he was made president, to replace the out-going president. Norm and his wife Doris were “living the good life” in SunBird.

The Littrells held the first block party in their area; they called it, “The 3A Block Party.” It was hosted from their garage, and guess what, it continues to be held (on a much larger scale) once a year.

One day, after a round of golf, Norm had the idea to put on a show at SunBird. He approached his good buddy Frank Losito, and Frank laughed; he thought Norm was joking. However, by now, I don’t need to tell you, he wasn’t joking!

He and Frank began to brainstorm, and it was at that time Frank introduced Norm to Michael Leddy, an extremely talented guy from Sun Lakes. Michael Leddy and Michael’s wife Edna soon became a part of the equation. Meanwhile, Doris supported the group in every way they needed, recording their ideas, making lists and taking care of the important details. Yes, the five of them recruited talent, somehow pulled it together to resemble a production and their first show was born. After which, they all had a taste of show business and they wanted more! Unfortunately, Frank Losito passed away a year later which slowed things down a bit.

However, the creative energy was still bubbling under the surface, and Norm continued to scout for talent. Eventually, he invited Pat Thomas, John Hornak, Marlene Weese and Bill Reid to join them. Thus, a core group was formed and the rest is history. For the next 12 years, SunBird enjoyed a variety of shows with a variety of talent. They raised a great deal of money that went towards various improvements in SunBird.

Like all families, Norm and Doris have had their share of loss, pain and challenges. We all felt their loss when Lori, their daughter, died of cancer. Lori worked for SunBird in the front office, and she was our friend. It was too much for Doris, and her illness took over. Norm has had to be the rock for both of them.

Our prayers go with you, Norm, may God continue to give you strength, to carry your burdens and guide you and Doris on the correct path.

You have left a recognizable footprint that no one will match. Thank you, and we already miss you.