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Nancy Atchley

Nancy Atchley

Bob Neuman

Most of us look forward to visits from our grown children and grandchildren. This charming lady squeezed in this interview along with preparing for her daughter and son-in-law’s arrival this evening from Texas.

Nancy Atchley resides in an attractive home overlooking our golf course. Unfortunately, her husband succumbed four years ago, but being an independent person, her mantra seems to be “Life goes on, so make the best of it.” “I am so glad I live in SunBird” she noted while speaking of the many helpful people here.

Her family consists of a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

Her home life growing up in Rock Island, Illinois, was one we all would like to have had. Her mother remained at home to care for the five children, one brother being a twin to Nancy. “Mother was loving, caring and a good cook. I felt very close to her,” Nancy recalled. “She was a stay at home mom who took good care of her family, God fearing members of Christian Science.”

A hard worker, Nancy’s father put in six days a week at Western Union. “He was a kind father who never paddled us. All it took was just a look,” she said.

Nancy graduated from the local high school and was crowned Miss Rock Island. In 1949 she tried out for Miss Illinois.

In her married life, she lived in New Mexico and Colorado.

Don, her husband, was a dentist in the former state, plus being elected to the city council and thereafter voted in as mayor.

Just like her mother, Nancy stayed home and cared for her children. “When people ask about my occupation, I tell them I was a home engineer. I had a happy marriage and good children. I’m very grateful for everything.” She feels much of the difficulties children face today are caused by the mother choosing to or finding it necessary to work outside the home.

She and her husband came to SunBird 10 years ago to visit. “We liked it, rented, and bought.” Nancy now lives in the third home since arriving.

This interesting lady does much more than lounge around. A long time golfer, she still plays a pretty good game. She enjoys being a member and working with our Garden Club.

She is a credible artist and has attractive paintings hanging in her home that solidify her talent. Working in pastel and oil are the choices. Anyone who has lost a spouse will testify it is followed by debilitating and powerful grief. Nancy feels art has been her therapy.

She plays bridge twice a week. When asked if she was good at it, she replied without delay, “Yes, of course.”

She thoroughly relishes meeting with the six friends at their Wine and Cheese Club each month. “We get together and talk about the world’s problems and discuss our children.” she remarked.

Another example of the fantastic residents that call SunBird home.