SunBird Patrol

We at the patrol hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Let’s all start the new year off with a resolution to make SunBird the safest community in Chandler.

Here are a few safety reminders to help everyone be a little safer throughout the year. First off, while walking after dark, remember to wear light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight with you, and walk against the traffic to see oncoming traffic. If you are going to ride your bike after dark, please make sure that you have a working rear red light to the rear and white light to the front. Unlike walkers, you will need to ride with the flow of traffic. As drivers, we all need to keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicycles on our roadways.

There have been a lot of break-ins in surrounding communities, so a few safety tips for coming into the community. All of our gates have different ranges that your remotes work to open the gates. The Riggs Road resident gate will open before you can see the gate. Please do not open the gate until you can see the gate, as you will have no idea if someone is at the gate waiting for someone to open the gate so they can get in. If you have someone trying to follow you in, just stop past the barrier arm and let it come down behind you. If they belong in SunBird, they can open the gate themselves. Please, one car at a time through the gates. This gives the gate time to cycle so that there is less wear and tear on the equipment. This will help cut down on the gates being closed for repairs.

On another note, the trash and recycle bins in Unit 1-A are for residents who live in this area. They pay for this service. Your contractor does not have the right to dump at these locations. If it will not fit in the bin, do not leave it beside the bin. The drivers will not pick up anything that is outside the containers. If you have something that will not fit in the containers, you can call 480-782-3510 and they will pick up your trash at your residence. A resident can have this service done twice a year at no extra charge. So please help the community out by taking advantage of this service and save the HOA money, as we all end up paying in the end due to the HOA having to pay to get this extra trash.

Let’s all be safe out there.