SunBird Lady Niners Gals and Pals

Julie Napton

The annual Gals and Pals event was held on March 28. It was a great day of fun, laughter and golf in SunBird. Prizes were given for Longest Putt No. 3 – Gerald Hardy, No. 13 – Diane Robinson; Closest to the Pin No. 5 – Rhonda Malta, No. 17 – Mel Flinkman; Closest to the Line No. 9 – Marlys Buss, No. 12 – Janelle Cernich and Marta Poykko.

There were many, many door prizes given out along with fun prizes for Water, Sand and In the Circle No. 7 – Rich Vanderveen, No. 11 – Tom Cernich and Jerry Lingen. It does appear that Jerry and Rich thought it was a hula hoop contest instead of a golf event. One might wonder if they are starting a new sport in SunBird.

Once again, Julie and her staff served a delicious brunch after golf. Thank you, Julie!

A special thank you to Jamie Morgan, Emily Hardy, Nancy Eckstein, Pam Tiffany, Dianne Reed and Diane Robinson for planning and organizing a great event.

The Lady Niners golf every Tuesday morning from November through April. It is a great group. SunBird lady golfers, please consider joining.