SunBird Ladies Golf is off for the summer

By the time this article comes out most of you will already have the off season procedure down. But just in case, I will review it. There will be a sign up sheet for ladies who would like to play 18 holes on Tuesday mornings. Then we will call in for tee times. The number of tee times will depend on the number of golfers.

Dave has very generously volunteered to continue to make our score cards. There is even a possibility he may throw in a fun game or two. He will also post your scores if you turn your score card back into him at the end of the day’s play. Thanks, Dave!

This past month we ended our season with several fun games and some very delighted winners.

4/14. Becky Sargeant had the low Gross score with a 77 and took 3rd place in Flight 1, and three ladies tied for the low net: Barb Dunbar who also took 1st place in Flight 2, Marsha Brockish who took 1st place and Jean Pritchard; all three ladies had a score of 60. Other flight winners included Cynthina Bastin 3rd; Flight 2 included Joan Leeper 2nd and Lore Schaefer 3rd.

While the 3rd Flight showed Shirley Hunt as 1st, Nancy Ott 2nd and Betty Watkins 3rd.

4/21. Center Cut Game – Lore Schaefer went home with low gross, low net and 1st in her flight, followed my Jo Mottet 2nd and Nancy Ratermann 3rd. In Flight 2 Barb Dunbar came in 1st, followed by Beth Miller, Marta Poykko and Irene Herman.

And the final game of the season was on April 28 – we played Aces Wild. One putts were all we wanted!

Joyce Gerber took the 1st place in Flight 1, followed by Dee Lee 2nd and Lora Thomas 3rd; 2nd Flight ended with Tammy Bachofner 1st, Nancy Ratermann 2nd, and Jo Mottet 3rd; our 3rd Flight was Betty Watkins 1st, Ann Wodarczyk 2nd and Beth Miller 3rd!

Way to go ladies – it was a great season!

PS – One correction to last month’s article – June Yates was pictured not Jean Pritchard; most of you already figured that one out.