SunBird HOA CC&R Proposed Amendment

HOA Board of Directors

Our current CC&Rs do not allow the HOA to expend any funds on the golf course. The HOA Board of Directors is giving you, the homeowners, the opportunity to approve or disapprove a possible CC&R change which would allow limited financial assistance towards the golf course.

What is the fee and where will the money come from?

$300—Would be part of the fee paid by the buyer when the sale of a home is completed. This would be a set fee in the CC&Rs and cannot be changed.

What will this cost current homeowners?

There is no cost to current homeowners.

If a current homeowner purchases another home(s) in SunBird, they will pay the new homeowner fee as they currently do.

What can the Golf Club spend it on?

Capital Improvement Projects only (no operational expenses)

Where will the collected funds be held?

The $300 will be held in an HOA account titled Golf Course Fund.

Is the Golf Club contributing to their Reserve Fund?

They have committed to put $50 of the $150 they are assessing their members (bi-annually) and one-half of their $1 activity fee, which is charged for each round of golf, into that fund.

What happens if the Golf Club needs more funds than are available from the HOA?

No monies will be given that have not already been collected.

The HOA Board of Directors’ first responsibility is to the financial security of the HOA.

What is the amount of approval responses required for the CC&R change to pass?

Eight hundred sixteen (816) approval responses, which is a simple majority of the number of homes in SunBird.

The consent form was sent out at the end of December to all SunBird homeowners. Please return it on or before Feb. 15.

More information is available on the HOA website or call any member of the HOA or Golf Club Board of Directors.