SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association Town Hall Meeting

The SunBird Golf Resort HOA received a formal letter from the SunBird Golf Club to amend our CC&Rs by enacting an annual contribution of 8% of the HOA annual assessment. This funding would be used to support maintenance of the lakes and retention areas, as well as for the preservation of green areas within SunBird for the benefit of all residents. Within the letter to the HOA was a request to schedule a Town Hall meeting, which has been scheduled for March 22 at 7 p.m. in the clubhouse ballroom.

Since receiving the letter, the SunBird Golf Resort HOA has requested some specific information, which we believe is necessary to start the dialog with the community, which will be the aforementioned Town Hall meeting. It is recognized that some people may not be able to or are not comfortable attending a Town Hall meeting, and for that, a summary/report will be made available on the SunBird HOA website shortly thereafter.

As discussions continue between the two organizations, please be assured that the SunBird Golf Resort HOA strives to ensure the homeowners have the information necessary to make such an impactful decision. At the appropriate time, any proposed CC&R amendment will be mailed to all homeowners for their vote.