SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association Committees

SunBird has six committees that meet regularly through most of the year, with the exception of the Architectural Control Committee which meets all year round.

Committee membership appointments are for one year (March – February) and will be up for renewal and approval this upcoming February. If you are interested in joining or learning more about a committee, please attend one of their meetings and/or submit your name for consideration.

Architectural Control Committee, Pat McGonegle, Chairperson, 883-1962

(Oct – Apr) 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 1:30 PM Lakeview Rm

(May – Sept) 2nd Wednesday 1:30 PM Lakeview Room

(No meetings on Holiday weeks)

Finance Committee, Walt Mills, Chairperson 883-8007

1st Tuesdays 2:00 PM Pima Room

Going Green, Treva Christenson, Chairperson, 273-8963

1st Thursday 2:00 PM Ballroom (no meetings through summer)

Marketing Committee, John Brockish, Chairperson, 759-0742

TBA (no meetings through summer)

Project Review Committee, Bill Hook, Chairperson, 895-6920

1st Thursday 1:00 PM Pima Room

Rules Compliance, Chris Nechvatal, Chairperson, 883-9262

1st Monday 1:00 PM Pima Room (no meetings through summer)

We appreciate all of the many volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to keeping SunBird a great place to live. If you have any questions about committees, please feel free to contact the SunBird Office at 802-4901.