SunBird Golf Course Definitions

Every group has its own terminology and slang making communication awkward and difficult. Here are a few definitions used by the SunBird Golf Course to promote “golf speak.”

Member: a person who has purchased an investment in the operation of the golf course and receives the following benefits:

* Voting on golf course management

* Discounts on green fees (12 month prepaid golf or punch cards)

* Complimentary yearly cart pass fees

* Complimentary range balls

* Complimentary bag tag

* Two free 18- or 9-hole rounds of golf

* Eight (8) day advance tee time booking

* 20% discount on golf shop items

Annual Dues: Yearly membership dues

Cart Pass Fee: Yearly fee for use of personal golf cart on course

Chit or Chits: Money deposited with the Golf Shop either by league or tournament winnings or directly from the golfer. Chits may be used to pay for golf games or anything purchased in the Golf Shop.

Let’s speak golf!