SunBird Garden Club news

Now is the time for all of those SunBird gardeners left behind in the triple digit heat to take a look around our yards. Most of the land around our houses is covered with rock but there may be a few trees, bushes, cacti or succulents that could use a long cool drink. If your green things are not on a drip system, some items will need a daily watering. If the leaves or stems are drooping, the heat is wilting those plants.

Items in pots need a daily watering whereas plants in the ground need a weekly watering (a slow drink for a long time) until the moisture has reached a foot deep. Succulents need a weekly drink even though they do well with the heat. Cacti would also appreciate a bucket of water once a month. Those bushes and trees should be on a regular watering system. As for flowers, they need daily watering and some shade if possible. Unless they are almost in the weed category, most flowers do not enjoy 100 plus temperatures.

If you have a fountain or running water on your property, birds and some animals will visit it this summer. Water is hard to find in a desert and insects are attracted to it also. Bees and wasps will visit a fountain, whereas mosquitoes prefer standing water to multiply. Look around your property after a rain to get rid of any puddles to be mosquito free.

After a rain, you can be sure that those weeds will start popping up all over your yard. Unless you spray a weed deterrent early in the season, you will fight seedlings all the time.

We have a group of “weeders” led by Toni Greisiger. They work year round to keep SunBird attractive. If you have time this summer, give her a call at 480-895-4459. They work early in the day to avoid the heat and their work is greatly appreciated.