SunBird Community Church

Bob Neuman

A father’s duty is to care and provide for his children. This month we honor fathers on June 19. Perhaps your father is now with the Lord, but there is another father who has promised never to desert us.

“My child’s feelings are hurt. I tell her she is special. My child is injured. I do whatever it takes to make her feel better. My child is afraid. I will not go to sleep until she is secure.”

“I’m not a hero – I am a parent. When a child hurts, a parent does what comes naturally – he helps.”

“Why don’t I let my Father do for me what I am more than willing to do for any one my children? When I am criticized, injured or afraid, there is a Father who is ready to comfort me. There is a Father who will hold me until I am better, help me until I can live with the hurt, and who won’t go to sleep when I’m afraid of waking up and seeing the dark.” Max Lucado

Ministers for June:

June 5 – David Walker

June 12 – Ryan Stephens

June 19 – Jim Baugh

June 26 – David Walker

Our church relies solely on volunteers for all requirements. Our thanks for the many willing people who serve to make our church pleasing to the Lord.

SunBird Community Church is non-denominational and based on the Bible. Our members invite you to visit us any Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the SunBird Ballroom. There you will meet our friendly congregation and hear an uplifting message by an experienced minister. Come be our guest.