Footnotes for the Library

Nancy Smith

Magazines are surviving dinosaurs. When the digital age zoomed in, the magazines adjusted and got better. Those that didn’t died.

Do you subscribe to a magazine? Like the newspapers, you can easily read them on your computer, Kindle or Nook. But there is something nice about thumbing through a magazine.

If you walk through the SunBird Library, you will see a great assortment of magazines. The most visible and ever changing is the magazine rack at the end of the first row. These are current magazines.

You can also find magazines (Guideposts and large print Reader’s Digest) in the Large Print section and the Religious section.

If you stroll down near the windows, you will see more magazines on the counter tops. National Geographic is displayed in several holders (only for the last three years). Other holders containing small health/wellness magazines are good to take along on trips or to the doctor’s office.

You can also find other magazines on the counter tops; Reader’s Digest (by the year), Country Magazine, Lion’s Club, Arizona Highways (in a holder), Diabetes Health, car and travel magazines, just to name a few! There’s even a holder for the state magazines (holder says, “Where Ya’ From?”).

Even the Children’s section has magazines and coloring books.

The end shelf (facing the outside door) is an “all west/Indian/Arizona” display shelf. More magazines there!

We offer, however, a word of caution. Take off or black out your name and address when donating any item. All magazines and newspapers are donated. We never buy any. We only have what you bring in and give to our library.