SunBird Art Club learns how to “Dirty Pour”

Sharon Eade

While SunBird residents were busy decorating, baking, preparing for our guests and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season, there was also a strange phrase being heard. “Dirty pour”… now what could that be? Lucky for us in the Art Club, our own Muriel Krushelnicki had been learning this new art painting technique, and was willing to teach it to us.

Armed with our assorted painting mediums, large and small plastic cups and large garbage bags cut to protect the tables in the Hopi Room, our members brought their canvases and acrylic paints to the Clubhouse on a Saturday morning and the fun began. This unique painting process consists of mixing mediums and paints and pouring them in layers into a large cup. The paints stayed separated as we placed our surfaces over the cup and quickly turned it upside down while laying it flat on the table. Ah, the “dirty pour” now is evident! The paint flows out of the cup and onto the canvas, creating lovely colors and patterns. Gentle moving of the surface allows the paints to fully cover the canvas (like magic)! And to think…an art piece, and not a paintbrush in sight!

This was so much fun that on Sunday morning, the Hopi Room was again filled with paints and artists ready to create more dirty pours. Thank you, Muriel, for sharing your wonderful talents with us. We also enjoyed filling our display case with unique and creative Christmas paintings to add to the lovely decorations throughout the Clubhouse.

Now, with 2018’s arrival, the SunBird Art Club wants to wish everyone a very happy New Year!