SunBird American/Italian Club news

Frank Nechratal

Our thanks to the Horizon Room staff for doing such a good job for the Club’s Christmas Dinner. Bravo, Julie and staff. It was with great sadness that we announced the passing of our fellow member Ed Treglia. He passed due to complications associated with Valley Fever. He braved cancer treatment and won when the cancer went into remission, only to contact Valley Fever. We salute you, Sir!

At January’s meeting, the Club enjoyed a cheese, crackers and veggie platter. For February, we are planning a dessert platter along with the continuation of the PBS series on Italian Immigrants.

Making Pasta e Fagioli—Commonly called pasta fazool. It is a healthy and inexpensive peasant dish. It’s made from a few inexpensive ingredients that can feed a family. You can have this one-pot meal that packs lots of flavor on your table in less than one hour. If you would like, go to the following link and watch a short video on the ingredients and prep of this dish: Ciao