Stinknet: Be on the Lookout

Flowering plant

Young plant

Nancy Mumpton

Stinknet is a fast-moving invasive weed in Arizona. It has green “carrot like” leaves and rounded flowers. The leaves smell pungent. It can be allergenic. It emerges from November to April and starts flowering in February. Seeds are easily spread by wind and traffic. It loves to sprout in the stones along the cement before the blacktop and also in driveway cracks. If you do not get rid of it, it will sprout all over our yards and into the desert. When it easily seeds into our Sonoran Desert, it crowds out native plants and grows in mats that are highly flammable during our hot summers. Also, it will spread VERY quickly all over your (and the neighbors’) gardens.

Please remove this noxious weed if you find it in your yard. Do not be fooled by the bright, round yellow flowers. I have been pulling it all over my neighborhood in Sun Lakes, so please be vigilant and eliminate it.