Snowbirds flock to New Adventures

Ed Schauble and Wayne Wright install new signs promoting the New Adventures fall semester.

Ed Schauble and Wayne Wright install new signs promoting the New Adventures fall semester.

It’s that time of year when you may be returning to Arizona and thinking about what new activity to add to your lifestyle. You may be thinking of something completely different than what you are already involved in. You may be looking for something that will make you more aware of the world around you. You may wish to be a more interesting conversationalist. You may just want to be more knowledgeable and feel good about yourself. Well, look no further – New Adventures in Learning is the place for you. New Adventures is the adult learning program for seniors located at the corner of Alma School and Riggs Road at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

New Adventures works just as well for snowbirds who return to Arizona before Christmas as for those who return in January. New classes start in winter, spring, summer and fall and the subject matter changes with the season. You may wish to take gardening, history or art in the winter and take science or finance in the spring. You will be surprised at the number and content of the class offerings. This fall there are 89 different classes all taught by volunteers with strong interests in their field. You can sign up for the classes any time and take as many as you want. There are spaces available in the October, November and December classes and then a new roster will come out in January.

There are over 500 members of New Adventures and the list is growing every year. Annual dues are $50 and there is an additional $15 college registration fee for each semester in which a member is actually enrolled in classes.

So walk, run, skip or fly to New Adventures. You can call New Adventures at 480-857-5500 or you can stop in for a visit at 25105 South Alma School Road. You can also visit our website at