Senior challenges – How to meet them head on through Lifelong Learning

Liz Morque

We are so lucky to be Seniors in 2017. We are healthier than previous generations, and there are systems set up so we can be active until late in our lives. But we also live in a more complex universe, and it is very challenging to keep up to date. It is imperative to be well informed on a variety of topics and so important to keep learning about our world. This is where New Adventures in Learning comes in. The classes at New Adventures, an adult learning program, provide a wealth of information in many life experiences.

This is a list of some of the life experiences Seniors need to be well informed about and one of the many classes that are offered at New Adventures in Learning to help keep up with this learning.

Financial Planning—Today’s World of Safe Investing

Conservation—Low Water Landscape: more than rocks/cactus

Health/Nutrition—Choose How You Age

Social Security—Updates and Changes for 2017

Science—How Living Cells Work

Medicare—Making Sense of Medicare

Music—The Music of Ferde Grofe

Living in Arizona—The History of Arizona

Native American Culture—Oral Traditions of American Indians

United States History—The Life of Abraham Lincoln

Reading—Roundtable—Book Club

Tours—Capitol Museum Tour/Legislative Visit

Socializing—Introduction to Mah Jongg

Learning a New Language—Beginner’s Italian

Grandparenting—Novel Word Play in Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll

This is a partial list of the classes and experiences available to older learners in Sun Lakes, Solera, SunBird and the surrounding area. Please take time to go to our web site at or contact us at 480-857-5500. You are also welcome to visit the school located at the corner of Riggs Road and Alma School at 25105 S. Alma School Road in Sun Lakes.