Lockbox program for seniors procedures

Once the application and waiver are completed and signed, the applicant can call the department’s coordinator, Officer Robin Atwood, Senior Lock Box Program Coordinator, at 480-782-4962, to set up an appointment for installation.

When the coordinator arrives at your house, he will need to see all the application paperwork for verification. Once the application has been reviewed, he will ask for the key and will install the box on the front door of the property.

The Chandler Police Department Program Coordinator will then assign a unique code to each lock box to be delivered, insuring that this code is entered into the premise information along with any other pertinent information for the appropriate residence so as to be available to responding emergency personnel.

The Chandler Police Department will retain a copy of each application, waiver of liability and receipt of lock form. If a participant decides to stop participating, the lock box will be recovered, and the participant will sign the Receipt of Lock Box form in the appropriate space indicating the lock box was returned. The officer will insure the key in the lock box is returned to the owner.

All applicants must realize that this lock box program is being offered as a courtesy to the residents of Chandler and that in the event of a time-sensitive situation (person not breathing or fire, etc.), the emergency personnel (fire or police) may not have the time to use the lock box system and must gain entry with the fastest means possible. Every effort will be given to utilize the box when time permits.