Scandinavian exchange students

Lyle Replogle

The Scandinavian Club presented the story of St. Lucia in December as we continued to focus on our heritage. St. Lucia is celebrated by Scandinavians each year on December 13. We also celebrated the season with a sing along of some Christmas favorites and closed by listening to a rendition of Auld Lang Sine by the celebrated Sissel Kyrkjebø, a Norwegian soprano.

Our January 17 meeting in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club will once again feature exchange students from Scandinavia. Typically a highlight of the year, the students are both entertaining and educational. We never tire of hearing them describe life in Scandinavia, and their comparisons to experiences they have in our country.

As usual we will have an all-inclusive (that includes coffee and tip) full course dinner served in January. The total cost is $15 ($20 for non-members). The chicken Marsala and baby back ribs served in December might be hard to top.

The January meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. with an open bar social hour. There will be pickled herring with crackers and cheese for those who enjoy this Scandinavian delicacy. This is often an excellent time to interface with some of the exchange students. At 6:00 p.m. two entrées will be offered with our catered dinner. We plan to engage with the exchange students at 7:00 p.m. The club welcomes all who have an interest in Scandinavian heritage and history.

Dinner reservations for January 17 are required. Sun Lakes Country Club needs to know in advance how many dinners to prepare for the evening. You can make reservations on our website at: Once you are on our home page look for “Click Here” under Make your reservation for January. Simply fill in the required information on the reservation form and click on Submit. The deadline for January reservations is end of day on Tuesday, January 12.

You can also make a reservation for January by calling Sue Jordan at 480-895-5691. To be notified of future club activity by e-mail, please send yours to us at [email protected].