SBMA news and scores

Norm Ott

As we move into the month of February, the SunBird Men’s Golf Association is approaching the half way mark of the 2015–2016 winter season. February is also a time when additional renters move into SunBird to enjoy the warm Arizona weather and many of the SunBird amenities. If you are one of those who are new or are returning and have an interest in playing golf, the Men’s Golf Association invites you to consider joining. The association holds regular scheduled events on each Thursday of the month. All of the events are handicapped so that all skill levels can enjoy the game and have a chance to win. Nominal dues include participation in the regular Thursday events as well as other events that may occur and membership also includes participation in the Arizona Golf Association handicap system. For more information about membership in the association, please contact Membership Chairman Fred Garmeson at 480-895-9363.

Events for the month of December included gross/net stroke play on the 3rd, 17th and 24th and a four man scramble on the 10th. Following are the first and second place finishers in these events.

12/03. Flight 1 Gross: Jack Cooper 66, Fred Nixon 70; Flight 1 Net: Gary Hall 61, Jim Seaman 62; Flight 2 Gross: Cal Macpherson 72, Dave Sims 74; Flight 2 Net: Richard Craig 60, Gerald Adams 62; Flight 3 Gross: John Brockish 77, Howard Anderson 80; Flight 3 Net: Garry Stahn 61, John Walker 64; Flight 4 Gross: Ray Fuller 83, Gordon Kenyon 85; Flight 4 Net: Chuck Warren 59, Chet Howe 61

12/10 Scramble – Flight 1: Jack Cooper, Doug English, Roy Comeau and Jim Croghan 53 and Dan Carroll, Cal Macpherson and John Walker 58; Flight 2: Rick Koshuta, Neil Donaldson, Stan Wolff and Art Hawes 56 and Gerry Tomlinson, Howard Anderson, Vince Budinas and Don Friesen 57

12/17. Flight 1 Gross: Fred Nixon 64 and Gerry Tomlinson 68; Flight 1 Net: Rick Koshuta 60 and Glen Ketchum 63; Flight 2 Gross: Dave Sims 70 and Richard Craig 74; Flight 2 Net: Cal Macpherson 60 and Ron Weisz 60; Flight 3 Gross: Larry Palmer 75 and Vince Budinas 76; Flight 3 Net: Terry Leeper 58 and Bob Smith 60

12/24. Flight 1 Gross: Joe Hyduke 67 and Dale Stokke 67; Flight 1 Net: Eric Gossling 60 and Don Hunt 62; Flight 2 Gross: Cal Macpherson 70 and Dave Sims 76; Flight 2 Net: Loren Wallace 60 and Vince Budinas 61; Flight 3 Gross: John Valentine 82 and Terry Leeper 82; Flight 3 Net: John Franklin 62 and Gordon Kenyon 63

The main event for January was the four week Match Play Challenge; however, due to the lead time for submitting articles to the SunBird News, the results for this tournament will be reported in the March paper.