Candidates for the SBGA Board of Director election

My name is HOWARD ANDERSON and my wife Lois and I have lived in SunBird since 1997, full-time since 2000. We are part of the original owners of the golf course.

I graduated from Colorado State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and a minor in Chemistry.

In 1996 I was elected to the Board of Education at Windsor, Colorado.

For 26 years I worked for General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the financing arm of General Motors Corporation. I reviewed and analyzed dealership financial statements for credit lines with GMAC.

I have a business background and the knowledge to be able to manage a corporation like the SunBird Golf Course.

I served seven years on the SunBird Homeowners Board.

I would like SBGA to be a well-maintained and very affordable golf course.

I have served on various Boards and worked 26 years for GMAC. I have dealt with budgets and have had to watch the bottom line. This knowledge should help in running the golf course.

I understand the current issues of the Board; however, I find some of the golf Board ideas innovative as well as disturbing.

As I practiced, while serving seven years on the SunBird Homeowners Board, I will listen to all member concerns, wants and wishes and then make a decision based on what would benefit all owners and not just a few.

I would like your vote for one of the openings on the SunBird Golf Club, Inc. Board of Directors.


My wife Trish and I bought a home in SunBird in 2012. We now live here year round and just love it.

I love to play golf. I played golf in SunBird a little over 200 times this year. Trish plays several days a week also.

I was a uniform Sergeant in charge of a shift of 20 men on the Livonia Police Department in Livonia Michigan.

I was a Detective Sergeant for years before retiring in 1993.

My work was bad checks, stolen credit cards, embezzlements, frauds and Gypsies. I became familiar with businesses and how they work and policies that caused them to fail or lose money through embezzlement and employee theft.

I was a Union President for eight years.

I started writing code for computers in 1982.

In 2000 I started a small business online selling software to run golf leagues across the U.S. and Canada.

I am still selling my software today.

I would like to be a Board member to continue to have a wonderful golf course and strive to keep the costs down for me and our members.

My name is DAN CARROLL

While my time here has been short, one year as a full-time resident, I have truly learned to appreciate what a great community we have. That said, I do see opportunities to enhance partnerships with other organizations in our community.

My career consisted of over 40 years in mostly food service distribution. The final 20 years were as a President/General Manager of Regional Distribution Centers for a nationwide distributor where I had bottom line responsibility for all facets of our business. I learned the value of hiring the correct people, defining their operational goals and empowering them to achieve those goals.

As with all business today, companies have to be exploring new ideas to keep their heads above water. We are no different. As our membership declines we must find new ideas to create new methods to grow members, increase revenues, while maintaining cost controls. We need to find ways to accomplish these without sacrificing quality of our product (golf course) and service to our customer.


The past three years on the SBGC Board of Directors has given me a unique perspective of all the various needs and desires of membership and the difficulties of balancing this with the finances of SunBird Golf Club. Over these three years, we have accomplished a refinance of long term debt, filed for property tax discounts, decided on budget cuts for over seeding project, supported an expanded membership base and developed funding for a reserve account. Further, I support elimination of our long term debt to allow for greater flexibility for SunBird Golf Club.

We need continuity. For the past three years, the SBGC Board has turned over each election and lots of time is spent training new members rather than moving forward with the current initiatives. My background allows me to work on budgets, accounting strategies and communications with all clubs, members and staff to bring unity to SunBird golf and to continue moving us forward.

As President of SBGC Board the past two years, we have made great strides in bringing a business model to SBGC. We have improved communications with the new Communications Committee, and keep a pulse of SunBird with monthly coffee meetings with past presidents. We are also working closely with the HOA/Golf Committee to keep harmony in our community. Finally, we need a continued commitment to close financial controls and a continuation of the business plan changes that have been implemented. I plan to see them through to regular practice.