SBGA report

Rick Lantgen, General Manager

Three new directors of the Golf Board were elected at the AGM on February 17. They are Larry Schuster, Marcie Hogan and Jackie Huyghebaert. Thank you to all seven candidates for their willingness to participate in the governance of this club.

At the annual general meeting, members rang the bell as they reclassified their memberships to non-redeemable. The club would like to recognize Charlotte and Don Donaldson, Joe and Marilyn Klooster, Gary Whistler, Alice Whistler, Jamie Morgan, Lore Schaefer, Ray and Shirley Bierowicz, Toni and John Greisinger and Bob and Joyce Gerber for participating in this program. These members retain all the rights and responsibilities of membership. SBGC Inc. benefits from a decrease in the time period and the number of redemptions necessary before the club can begin to realize income from the sale of new memberships. If you would like to reclassify your membership please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

In the Pro Shop, April means our Last Chance Blowout sale featuring all those specialty clubs you really need so you can improve your game. Take a look at the new scorecards which now include the yellow ratings, new distances and updated hole handicaps.

The Greens Committee reports that the handles are being replaced on the rakes. Thanks to Ron Morgan for the orange and green distance markers on the driving range. They take us out to 125 yards. Monthly Monday workdays continue. In February the crew trimming the cart paths included Paul Carlson, Norm Ott, Dan Buescher, Jeff Andrews, Gary Whistler, Dean Tucker, Arnie Teal, Jerry Chamberlin, Richard Craig, Dean Huyghebaert and John Kane. We now have a catch and release fishing pond on Hole No. 9. It is stocked with over 500 Bluegill donated by SunBird residents.

Tournaments for April are Howl at the Moon, a night game played with fluorescent balls, at 5:00 p.m. on April 3 and the Masters Par 3 at 2:00 p.m. on April 10.

The financial results for the month of January shows revenues more than budget, $86,000 versus $81,900. Green fees are below budget by $5,400 while punch cards exceeded budget by $8,600. Expenses are favorable by $15,700; $45,200 against the budget of $60,900 principally in the areas of golf course maintenance and overhead expenses, due in part to timing. Other expenses (cost of goods and depreciation) amounted to $11,100 resulting in net income for the month of $29,700 versus the budget of $12,100. Compared to last year total revenues were $87,800 in January with total spending of $63,400 for net income of $24,400. At the time of the publication the February results were still being compiled.

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