Rules regarding associate household members in SunBird

SunBird is required to keep accurate records of occupants who reside in all homes, i.e., owners and renters. In an effort to maintain records, we collect occupancy information when homes are bought and sold. If any occupancy changes occur in the home, i.e., renters moving in or out, children in the home, or any other circumstances, the owners are required to notify the Homeowners Association to update the records. Further, if a home is occupied by two or more persons after 30 days, the owner is required to pay an Associate Membership assessment for each additional person. This process is to keep the records maintained in compliance with the age restrictions as required by U.S. Department of Housing and Human Development.

SunBird Declaration of Restriction 6.4:

The Annual Assessments referred to herein are based on two residents per home site. If additional persons reside in the permanent or temporary residence or dwelling, the Board shall have the right to charge the Owner of the Lot one-half of the Annual Assessment for each additional resident, unless the resident is physically unable to use the recreational facilities.

SunBird Rules and Regulations Article X, Section 3:

To qualify as an Associate member of SunBird, a person must be 19 years of age or older and be residing at SunBird as a third resident and/or property owner where more than two names appear on the deed ; or be a guest of a homeowner visiting longer than 30 days and being over the age of 19.

An Associate Membership must be purchased from the HOA. The cost of the Associate Membership is one-half the cost of the annual HOA fee.

The Associate Membership account will be established on a quarterly billing cycle. The first quarter fees will be prorated and all subsequent quarters will be for the full quarter assessment amount. There will be no refunds.

An Associate Member with an Associate Member ID card bearing a current expiration sticker shall have the privilege of using any of the SunBird facilities as they are available.

Associate Members may not authorize guest passes without the General Manager’s approval.