Road to the Vote – April 2015

We have a decision

The results of the CC&R ballot were reported by Election Committee Chairperson Shirley Clark at the Annual Meeting on March 2; 1,128 homeowners cast ballots and 503 did not. Therefore, we started out with 503 No votes; six amendments were approved and two defeated as follows:

1. Should we have term limits? Passed 1024 Yes votes or 87 percent of those voting)

2. Should we remove, “except for the Golf Course?” Defeated by 17 votes (330 No votes or 29 percent of those voting)

3. Should we have spending limitations? Passed by three votes (819 Yes votes or 73 percent of those voting)

4. Should the Contribution to Capital Improvement Fee be included in the CC&Rs? Passed (903 Yes votes or 80 percent of those voting)

5. Should the Resale Disclosure Fee be included in the CC&Rs? Passed (912 Yes votes or 81 percent of those voting)

6. Should we remove, “and the rental rate shall be commensurate with rental rates in the City of Chandler”? Passed (927 Yes votes or 83 percent of those voting)

7. Should we change the number of votes required to amend the CC&Rs? Defeated by four votes (316 No votes or 28 percent of those voting)

8. Should the clerical errors be corrected? Passed (1015 Yes votes or 90 percent of those voting)

Four years ago the Task Force had its first meeting. Three original members, George Richardson, Nancy Ott and Marcie Hogan, served on the committee for the full four years it took to complete the task. Others contributed along the way.

During the first two years of reviewing the documents Peter Morgan and Dennis Bulinski contributed their banking knowledge, Walt Griffen introduced us to the plats and Bob Namon guided us through the section on Architectural Control.

Workshops were held to gather input from homeowners. These were led by Terry Leeper, Jo Mottet, Leo Soligo, Don Hunt, Gary Dreyer, Mike Crum, George Richardson, Nancy Ott, Nussy Merchant, John Brockish, Peter Morgan, Gayle Chang and Gary Whistler.

Two years ago Jeff Hudson and Nussy Merchant joined the Task Force and worked on the writing of the new CC&R document. Finally, with the assistance of Layne Varney and Gordon Lee and his committee, the ballot and guide were drawn up and the Board approved the Block Captain visits to each home.

Thank you to our 34 Block Captains who believed in the right of every homeowner to be informed: Darlene Googel, Nancy Ratermann, Bill Johnson, Joe and Marilyn Klooster, Rosie Vanderveen, Don and Shirley Hunt, Gary Metzger, Toni Greisinger, Ron Morgan, Nancy Ott, Jim Dolwick, Larry Schuster, Marg McCathern, Mel Terechenok, George Richardson, Eric Gosling, Marsha and John Brockish, Wendie Cameron, Mike McMillan, Paullene Caraher, Mike Crum, Donna Bergman, Nussy Merchant, Elaine Carle, Dave Sims and Mary Lou Troutman, Marcie Hogan, Gary Hall, Dave White, Richard Craig, Connie and Gary Dreyer, Lil MacPherson, Marlis and Ken Buss, and Howard and Lois Anderson.

And thank you, SunBird homeowners. You made sure this vote was discussed in your neighborhood and at your activities. This was the largest response to any vote previously held at SunBird!

The community has spoken and the CC&R document will be revised accordingly.