Reminders from the ACC—Good Housekeeping

Spring has sprung. It is always a good time of year to declutter. Please be sure your carport area is free of debris and excess furniture. According to the ACC Guidelines, “No major appliances, including small refrigerators, can be used or stored in carports and patios. No scooters, bicycles, household items, or household furniture can be stored in front patios, walkways, or carports. All cleaning, garden, construction equipment cannot be stored outside if visible to adjacent neighbors and from surrounding streets.”

Springtime is also a great time to enjoy the beautiful Arizona landscape and also a great time for those lovely weeds to pop back up. Get a kick-start on weed control by spraying with a pre-emergent.

For your summer landscape planning, trimming of palm trees should never be done until after the flowers and stalks have bloomed. June or July is the best time of year for this, but they have to be trimmed by August.

For help with any of your clean-up needs, you can refer to the SunBird website for a list of service providers. Just follow the link to the SunBird HOA website, or contact the HOA office for more information.