Reminder from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) 

Just a few reminders of regulations in the SunBird Community:

1. Golf carts

Vehicles or golf carts are not to be parked on the unpaved portions of any homeowner’s lot.

2. Clotheslines

Outside clotheslines or other outside facilities for drying or airing clothes shall not be erected, placed, maintained, or used on premises.

3. Covering vehicles

Covered storage of a vehicle on a driveway or a street is not permitted. Covered storage is allowed in a carport.

4. Windows

Mirrored, aluminum foil, cardboard, paper, etc. cannot be used as window covers.

5. Yard maintenance

Fronts, sides, and backyards should always be free of weeds, dead and dying plants, trees, bushes, and other trash and debris deemed to be a nuisance.

6. Carport and patio clutter

No major appliances, including small refrigerators, can be used or stored in carports and patios. No scooters, bicycles, household items, or household furniture can be stored on front patios, walkways, or carports. All cleaning, garden, and construction equipment cannot be stored if visible to adjacent neighbors and from surrounding streets.