Relishing Pickleball

David Zapatka

PBX Club is a free online website where you can get more pickleball playing tips, news, and money-saving discounts on equipment and travel. Best of all, PBX Club broadcasts the Pickleball Show with top pickleball players and suppliers. The following advice was recently posted on their site.

Never go in the kitchen with two feet. Step in with one foot, tap the ball softly, then get out and into your ready position.” “Aim for the left person’s left foot, low to the backhand. For 95% of people, it’s their weakest shot.” “The most important thing in pickleball is to split-step every single time your opponent touches the ball, every single time. That could be 200 times a game. If you do that, you’ll be in a good, balanced, ready position and you’ll be a much better player. *BONUS TIP: “Don’t try to win the point from anywhere but the line.” –Coach Mo,

You always want to be facing your opponent and square to the ball. The best way to guarantee both is to side-step. Third shot drop is what you should be using 80% of the time, against a good team. The key to split-stepping is to stop just BEFORE your opponent makes contact with the ball and err on the side of stopping WELL before. If you feel you’ve been beaten in a diagonal dink contest, try to go to the nearest point of relief. Don’t try to go crosscourt. Just get the ball over, low and back in play. –Deb Harrison,

When you’re at the kitchen line, your paddle should ALWAYS be up. Cover the line when the ball is being hit by the opponent opposite you; cover the middle when the ball is being hit by the opponent opposite your partner. Serve a deep, high, floating ball to your opponent—it keeps them back behind the baseline and requires them to supply the pace to return it over the net.

*BONUS TIP: “The team that dominates the non-volley line WINS.”

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