Pottery Corner

Hand building and potter’s wheel

Mary Beth Kosiba

The pottery studio has been bustling since early summer. First, we built and completed the personalized stoneware name plates for the Golf Club, organized by Suzanne Popelka. We then spent the rest of the summer designing, building, and glazing the ceramic tiles, which were installed on the bar in the downstairs patio, for the HOA. None of these projects would have been possible without Larrie Kosiba. His background in pottery, engineering, design, and construction enabled him to design and build these projects, along with Gayle Chang and Debra Rollings. There were a lot of hours put into them from start to finish. There was a combined effort between the pottery and ceramics teams to complete the glazing. A heartfelt thank you to all those who helped.

We quickly changed directions and hand-built Christmas tags and brown sugar keepers to sell at the Kare Bare fair. We will continue to sell brown sugar keepers year round in our studio.

A big welcome to Deb Rollings who has joined us full time. She joins us with over 35 years of experience in teaching the pottery wheel and hand building. Her smile and knowledge have already become invaluable to our club.

We continue to grow in membership and fellowship. Stop by and see if what we offer in pottery and ceramics may enrich your life as it has ours.