Please Call, Don’t Cut

Please call the Golf office if you notice a tree that needs to be trimmed on the golf course. Do not take it upon yourself to trim any trees or shrubs on golf course property. While we may not be able to trim trees as quickly as everyone might like, we have a schedule to maintain shrubs and trees on the golf course.

Recently, a homeowner decided to trim a tree behind his house on golf course property. Without contacting the golf course, he cut branches and left the refuse on the course on July 3. The Golf Club hosted a tournament on July 4, and we were very surprised and disappointed to find the mess and debris left on the golf course. In addition to fielding complaints from residents and players, we needed to reschedule our maintenance crew from aerating the golf course to cleaning up and hauling away the numerous branches left on the course.

The golf course is private property, and trimming a tree or shrub without permission on golf course property is trespassing. We certainly welcome and appreciate volunteers who help us maintain and improve our beautiful course, but we also request that you contact Brendan Waddell, course superintendent, or Dave White, SunBird Golf Club president, first.

Thank you.