Pima Utility Company Customers

An email was recently sent out regarding unauthorized, third-party online bill payments services, such as Doxo.com, that may appear to be affiliated with Pima Utility Company when searching online. All Pima Utility Company customers should use caution when searching online to make payments.

The only authorized online payment website for Pima Utility Company is pimautility.com. Alternatively, payments can be made by phone by calling 855-734-2097.

Using an unauthorized, third-party online bill payment website may result in the following, which can accrue late payment fees from Pima Utility Company or even disconnection due to non-payment:

* Additional fees

* Extended payment processing

* Failure to process the payments altogether

Pima Utility Company does not have a contract or any affiliation with Doxo.com or similar companies.

To make your Pima Utility Company payment online, type https://pimautility.com/ directly into your preferred browser’s address bar. See example.