Performing Arts League

The aroma of turkey coming out of Sun Lakes will be so wonderful that the people driving through all the gates will think they are in heaven. Fellow members – don’t you agree?

Now to those who must be obeyed (BOD). They have been torturing me because the theater events were not included in last month’s column. I am almost black and blue inside and outside. If it wasn’t for you, the members of PAL, I would have packed a bag and run away from home. I don’t know how I did it, but I kept my cool.

Here are the theater and special events for this season:

December 6 – Mesa: Manheim Steamroller

December 13 – Chandler: Spirit of Christmas

January 17 – Scottsdale: Peking Acrobats

January 24 – Mesa: ArcAttack

March 17 – Scottsdale: Cherish the Ladies

March 24 – Phoenix: Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

April 2 – Chandler: Flamenco Kings

April 22 – Phoenix: All Night Strut

May 19 – Herberger: Gospel According to Jefferson, Dickens and Tolstoy or Marion

For more information on all the shows you can call Pat at 480-339-0283 or Marion at 480-895-2755.

For Opera call Vera at 480-895-9679 and for Coffee Classics you can call Lynn at 480-883-0671.