Board of Director Elections and Candidates

It’s that time of year again for elections. Two Director positions on the SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association Board will become available the end of this year that calls for an election process. The Elections Committee has had two interested homeowners submit their names to become candidates for this upcoming election to be listed on the ballot. Even though both candidates do not have any competition for election, we are still required to have an election process per state law and our governing documents. Donald Calvert and Delores “Dee” Brown-Knoeppel are this year’s candidates. This edition of the SunBird News has more information about each of the candidates.

The Election Committee invites you to attend SunBird Community Day on Wednesday, November 4 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. to meet the Board of Director candidates. Candidates will be at tables set up in the Clubhouse hallway during this time to meet you. A packet of information on the candidates will also be available that day and thereafter to learn more about each of them.

The Board of Director election time schedule is as follows:

Ballots will be mailed to all SunBird homeowners on Monday, November 2, voting deadline of Tuesday, December 15, Election Committee will meet Wednesday, December 16 to tally votes and post the results.

We are encouraging all SunBird homeowners to please vote. Please make sure that the voting instructions are followed as outlined with the ballot by placing the completed ballot sheet inside the “BALLOT” marked envelope. Next, place the BALLOT envelope inside the already return addressed envelope provided with your name and address label. Last, return your ballot inside both the envelopes as instructed by mail or drop it off at the Clubhouse near the office in the ballot box by December 15. If you have any questions or need assistance with the instructions, please contact the SunBird office at 480-802-4901.

Delores “Dee” Brown-Knoeppel

1999 as a full-time resident; now that I am retired, I have been able to devote more time in helping to make our community the best. I have been on the SunBird HOA Board for three years and Board Liaison to the Finance Committee while Treasurer of the HOA. Worked with Layne Varney to get past dues collected.

During this year I have served as Vice President to the Board and Liaison to the Planning Committee. Attended and graduated the HOA Academy by the City of Chandler.

Accomplishments include lights on the pool trees, the Kerby Farms gates automated, reorganization of the Horizon Room, and construction of the new pool.

While raising a family of four children I worked in retail businesses. Administrator to a large food service company, and retired from a major airline company where I was involved in customer service and rapid rewards Program.

I served with Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts; 27 troops in which we had a “Denim Dads and Daughters Dinner,” over 600 attendees. At our church I was President of our Ladies Guild, put together cookbooks and ran Bingo as a fundraiser which lasted for 25 years.

My goal is to keep “SunBird Smilin’.”

Donald Calvert

My name is Donald Calvert. I live at 1520 E. Riviera Drive with my wife Deanna. We have been SunBird residents since 2010. Deanna is active in the Kare Bears and we belong to the SunBird Church and the Irish Club.

Since moving to SunBird, I have taken numerous training sessions on HOA procedures. I am currently a member of the Finance Committee. During my first term I served on the committee as Board Treasurer for two years. The committee works with Layne and the Board to establish our yearly and long range budget. Excellent planning has allowed SunBird to grow and prosper while staying financially sound. New procedures for dues collection were started during this term.

Some of the projects completed during my first term were remodeling the Horizon Room, opening the Kerby Farms gate, paving Unit 1A, tiling the Clubhouse, two tennis courts were updated with post tension concrete and new equipment was added to the Fitness Room. Being a full-time resident I was here to assist Layne with issues during the summer construction projects. I would welcome the opportunity to serve this wonderful community for the next three years.