Patrol Report – March 2015

Ray Taylor

Spring/summer is almost here. Hard to believe the third month of the year is on our doorstep. As Father Time marches on, so must the HOA think about what it needs to do for this coming year. You as residents also need to make your plans based on your wants, needs and abilities. One item you should think about is how to handle your money. Oh, sure you can get all types of help doing this; however, not much of this is even close to being good for you. Before you consider making any major changes to your home, be sure your chosen contractor is registered with the state. Don’t take the contractor’s word for it. Contact the State Register of Contractors and find out about the company’s history and work record. If you don’t, you and your money could soon part ways. Don’t regret – do a check!

Another month has passed without a serious injury accident. Maybe we’re lucky and maybe we’re just being careful when driving in the subdivision. But who am I to complain? I’m having the best year I ever had since I started working at SunBird. Speeders are down, and even more drivers have been observed slowing for the stop signs. I saw one person come to a complete stop – can you believe it?

When I’m driving around the subdivision lately I’ve noticed that residents are watching to see who’s driving through their neighborhoods. Good job. This keeps crime away from our doors. With your help, I believe we have prevented someone from losing items of value. With nothing being taken, how do we know we have prevented crime from occurring? We can tell by the fact nothing has been reported stolen. We know we can’t prevent all problems, but we can make it tougher for the bad guy by being observant. Believe it or not, criminals don’t want to be caught so unless there is a major gain they will go somewhere else to do their crime and lessen their chance of being caught. Remember our motto: We’ve got no place to go and plenty of time to get there.

Patrol January Report

Vehicle Parking Violations 13

Golf Cart Parking Violations 2

Recreational Vehicles Parking 6

Hours Using Speed Radar Gun 4

Vehicles Complying w/Limit 243

Vehicles Exceeding Speed Limit 5

Failure to Stop at Sign 16

Unleashed Dog/Cat Reports 3

Abusing Facilities 0

Unauthorized Visitor 0

Obnoxious Behavior 3

Violating Rules 1

Suspicious Persons 0

Suspicious Vehicles 0

Soliciting 0

Garage Doors Left Open 9

Theft Reports 1

Well Check 14

Alarm Response 0

Fire/Medical Assistance 1

Homeowner/Guests Assistance 43

Denied Entry 77