Patrol Report – January 2015

Ray Taylor

Hard to believe it’s next year already. Last year was another good year for SunBird. No major crimes were reported to patrol, with very little petty theft. Even speeders are getting hard to catch. However, many drivers still are not coming to a complete stop, but most are slowing down if not stopping. We have not had a bad injury accident in the subdivision mostly due to careful drivers. However, I have started receiving a few reports that walkers and runners are no longer wearing or using their flashlights during their walk or run. Please return to using lights during your walks, runs, or even biking so that the same accident free information can be given again next year.

Thanks for reporting suspicious persons and circumstances along with keeping a check on your neighbors and their property. This is why we have not had any major crimes in SunBird. The activity of just checking someone’s house will act as a deterrent to stop a thief from committing his crime.

A quick reminder: while driving in the subdivision, you are subject to the same traffic laws as anywhere in the city of Chandler. This brings up the subject of consuming alcohol. You need to be very careful while consuming alcohol and driving impaired. It is just as dangerous in the subdivision as in downtown Chandler.

When in the Clubhouse, you need to be as courteous in your conduct as you would be if your mother were standing alongside you. The Board has asked that you wear your SunBird or visitor’s ID card when using the Exercise Room. This will identify you as being a legitimate user. This is in response to the single ladies who have been concerned about their safety. Finally, keep in mind our motto – we have no place to go and plenty of time to get there. Also, please drive safely and stay alert.

Patrol November Report:

Vehicle Parking Violations 14

Golf Cart Parking Violations 3

Recreational Vehicles Parking 5

Hours using Speed Radar Gun 4

Vehicles Complying w/Limit 148

Vehicles Exceeding Speed Limit 4

Failure to Stop at Sign 8

Unleashed Dog/Cat Reports 6

Abusing Facilities 0

Unauthorized Visitor 0

Obnoxious Behavior 5

Violating Rules 7

Suspicious Persons 1

Suspicious Vehicles 0

Soliciting 1

Garage Door Left Open 6

Theft Reports 0

Well Check 3

Alarm Response 2

Fire/Medical Assistance 3

Homeowner/Guests Assistance 83

Denied Entry 80