Patrol Report

Chief Dan Russell

Welcome back, snowbirds!

Speed Limits and Stop Signs:

Patrol has addressed the complaints about speeding delivery vehicles not stopping at stop signs.

Just a friendly reminder: Please be sure to watch your speeds while driving around the community, and be sure to stop at all stop signs.

Keep in mind, Championship Drive is the only road with a posted speed limit of 25 mph. Waterview in front of the pool and SunBird Boulevard around the clubhouse are 10 mph. The rest of the streets in SunBird are 15 mph.

Safety Tips for Nighttime Activities:

Don’t forget to grab a flashlight or other lighting device while walking around the community after sundown. Reflective clothing is also a great way to let others see you in the dark. Always be sure to walk against the flow of traffic so you can see approaching traffic. When bicycling throughout the community, be sure to ride your bike with the flow of traffic, and make sure you have working taillights and headlights on your bike.

Public Safety and the Gates:

The City of Chandler Fire Code states that preemption device(s) (SunBird gates) shall remain open for 30 minutes after emergency activation (first fire department apparatus entering) to allow other fire department apparatus and/or ambulance(s) to enter the site during emergencies. The same goes for responding Chandler Police Department units who activate the gates. If public safety enters SunBird (whatever gates they enter through), those gates will remain open for 30 minutes, as stated above. Hunt Highway gate has a yellow flashing light that will also illuminate during this time period.

Please be patient at the front gate, and give new residents the time they need to use the keypad to gain entry into SunBird. Blowing horns and rushing people who are trying to use the keypads only causes further delay. If you have a gate clicker, please do not open the gate for people you may not know. If you have visitors or deliveries coming to your residence, be sure to direct people to the Riggs Road/Championship Drive gate. GPS doesn’t always direct them to the correct gate. The security guard at the guardhouse is there to assist visitors entering the community safely between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily, 365 days a year. If you have someone coming in after 8 p.m. and up to 11 p.m., they can dial 1570 at the visitors’ keypad to talk to the roving patrol officer for entry.

Let’s all be safe out there!