Patrol Report

Thomas Catri, Chief of Patrol

Each year in the United States, hundreds of bicyclists are injured and killed in traffic accidents. Arizona happens to be in the top five of deadliest states. Now, nothing bad is happening in our community of SunBird, but we want to keep doing all that we can to prevent such accidents from occurring. A few precautions for bikers that are very important while out riding from sunrise to sunset or in the dark:

Don’t ride facing the traffic. It’s a bad idea and it is a major contributing factor in bicycle motor vehicle crashes. Ride with traffic to be seen. Your safety depends on you being visible to the traffic.

Be aware of vehicle traffic approaching you from behind, so it’s a good idea to have a mirror.

Bike close as possible to the curb, not in the automobile traffic lane.

At night, make sure to have a light and reflectors, especially on the back of the bike. Wear light colored clothing.

It’s also always important to have some form of identification with you, especially your homeowner’s identification card along with a cell phone

All drivers, please be extra alert during the early morning hours and at dark. Drive slowly!

Important reminder to residents with garages:

Occasionally, Patrol officers will notice garage doors left open after dark. There is no violation or fine associated with leaving your garage door open, it’s just that one of the most obvious security mistakes that a homeowner makes is leaving their garage door open at night. This is an open invitation for burglars and thieves to steal your possessions, take your car and gain access to your home. Double check to make sure garage doors are closed and secured. Don’t let the bad guy win! Stay sharp, stay aware and stay safe.