Patrol Report

Thomas Catri, Chief of Patrol

Don’t get sucked in by those 2016 tax scams. Tax scams take many different forms and one of them is the impersonation telephone scam. This type of scam is currently circulating around the country. Callers claim to be employees of the Internal Revenue Service. These phony con artists can sound very convincing when they call you. What to pay very close attention to is that they can alter your caller ID to make it look like the IRS is calling you. Victims (a person who is tricked or duped) are told that they owe money to the IRS and that it must be paid promptly through a pre-loaded debit card or a wire transfer. If you refuse to cooperate with the caller, they will then threaten you with arrest, suspension of your business or driver’s license. The callers have been known to become hostile and insulting. In addition, they will also inform you that you have a refund due, in order to obtain personal information about you. They’re very persistent. If you don’t answer the phone, the scammers have been known to leave an urgent callback request. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The IRS will not call you to demand payment, nor will they call you about any taxes owed, without first having mailed you a bill. The IRS also will not ask for any debit or credit card numbers or threaten to dispatch the police to have you arrested for not paying. When in doubt call the real IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

With the high percentage of vehicle ownership in the United States, parking has become a conflicting and confusing situation for a number of people. Being involved in promoting traffic safety, many SunBird residents are quick to point out some of their parking concerns to me. So I hear often, “What’s up with these people that park on the wrong side of the street?” A reminder to our residents, guests and visitors, parking on the wrong side of the street, facing the wrong direction, i.e. against traffic, is not permitted in SunBird. Chandler City Code ARS 28-874A states that a vehicle must park with the right hand wheels parallel to and within 18 inches of the right hand curb. The practice of parking, facing the wrong way, is at least as safe as turning across lanes of oncoming traffic. The street’s not busy right now, so you veer to the left and swing into that spot, even if it means you’re facing the front end of the car ahead of you. The no parking on the wrong side of the street, against the flow of traffic rule originates from safe parking at night. The rear of a car is required to have red reflectors to alert drivers to the presence of a parked car. Facing the wrong way without lights poses a greater hazard. The rule also applies even during the day.

The priorities of the SunBird Patrol Department remain the same. We are committed to working hard, to prevent crime, reduce the number of vehicle accidents and assist our community with maintaining an excellent quality of life. Spring officially starts on March 20. Be safe and have fun!