Manager’s Report

As the weather has finally become absolutely beautiful, more and more people are outdoors enjoying the good life. This can often lead to an increase in crime. Sometimes we forget and become too comfortable by letting our guard down.

Some communities around SunBird have been experiencing a rash of vandalism. Although SunBird is a gated community with gates and block walls and a Patrol service, they are only deterrents to crime and do not guarantee keeping the bad out. SunBird has not had any reported crime but we want to make sure we are proactive in being aware and alert. Always lock your doors, windows and keep your garage closed when not in use. Do not leave keys in vehicles or golf carts. Store valuables and other items out of sight of home and vehicle windows. Be aware of telephone and computer scams. Talk with a family member or friend or neighbor about alarming, threatening or distressed telephone calls or computer requests for personal information before providing or supplying any information in a panic. Get to know your neighbors and report suspicious activity. SunBird does not permit door to door soliciting. If someone knocks at your door to solicit, call the SunBird Patrol immediately at 480-797-8605. Please check our website at in the Patrol section to learn more about crime prevention and scams. Don’t become a victim, and let’s work together in keeping crime out of SunBird.

The terrific weather at SunBird also promotes greater use of the many recreational facilities SunBird offers. The newly enlarged Clubhouse swimming pool has been a great improvement handling twice as many users and multiple activities at the same time. Water aerobics, water volleyball and lap swimming have increased in numbers. The tennis courts and newly aligned pickleball courts are also very active and growing in participation. The temporary test bocce ball court has also been very popular and has attracted many users to this new SunBird activity. Horseshoes and shuffleboard continue to be challenging and very social outdoor activities. As always, the golf course continues with fun and excitement with the many tournaments and friendly competitions.

The food and beverage services from the Horizon Room grew tremendously over the year 2015 and sales are continuing at the same level this year. This growth is a direct result of the improved atmosphere, service and quality of food which also leads to a greater expense to SunBird. Several new services, specials and ideas were explored this past year with the idea of creating a better experience for SunBird. SunBird has many part-time residents who reside here six months of the year or less. Some full-time residents leave or will travel two to three months during the summer to escape the high temperatures. The fluctuation of residents and occupancy also has a direct effect on the sales of this operation. Another challenge is having a limited number of potential patrons and exposure being located inside a gated community. Maintaining and providing good food and beverage services throughout the entire year with trained experience staffing is a difficult balance. The Horizon Room, like other amenities, services and facilities in SunBird, are funded in part by its own food and beverage sales and annual homeowner association dues. The restaurant costs have gone over the amount budgeted, in part, due to the reasons stated above. The Board of Directors and management have been analyzing, reviewing and discussing this operation to find the best fit for SunBird in keeping with the goals and objectives of continuing to keep SunBird a great place to live!