Overseeding Update

Brendan Waddell, Golf Course Superintendent

The golf course will be closing on Sunday, Oct. 11, for our 2020-21 overseeding. We will start seeding on that day and hopefully be done by late Monday, Oct. 12. Please always refrain from driving or walking on the course. This includes the evening times. While the seed is getting watered, we will be addressing the non-grassed areas of the property, trimming bushes, and pulling weeds.

The driving range will be closed on Sept. 30 for overseeding. My plan is to get that open while the course is closed so you can keep your swing up to par. Once again, please stay off the course in your travels to the range. I have noticed some people like to park on the grass by the driving range tee box. Please park in the gravel areas only to protect the grass.

I am looking forward to this year’s overseeding! Call me crazy, but I think it is fun, and it means cooler weather is upon us—say goodbye to the summer heat!