Outstanding service

Sherry Fann

Sherry Fann

If ever there was an example of how to live your life in retirement, we find the best right here in SunBird, in our own community.

She would be the first to say she didn’t do it by herself, which would be true. Our membership helped this past year in generating the largest amount of funds that SunBird Kare Bears has ever donated.

But, she brought a guiding force to us, with encouragement and energy and a certainty that we could all handle whatever challenges came to us. She never asked anyone to do something she wouldn’t do.

She’s stepping down now, not stepping away. We will still have her energy and encouragement flowing throughout the community.

The SunBird Kare Bears Board would like to honor Sherry Fann with a parting gift for her service particularly for the past two years, but also to say thank you, and how proud we are that she represents SunBird Kare Bears.