Oktoberfest, Overseed, and Employee Appreciation Tournament

Bill Ley, Tom Catri, Bonnie Marcus, and Wendy Weber

Bill Ley, Tom Catri, Bonnie Marcus, and Wendy Weber

Wendy Weber, Lifestyle Director

SunBird Golf Resort HOA employees were invited to play in the SunBird Golf Club Oktoberfest/Overseed/Employee Appreciation Golf Tournament on Friday, Oct. 9. Thank you for a fun day!

Men: Low Gross: Jack Cooper, Kelly Davis, Glen Ketchum 48, $10 each; Low Net: Fred Garmeson, Stan Gross, Bill Wilson, Mike Kelech 43, $10 each

Women: Low Gross: Jean Pritchard, Mary Dawson, Sue Mallery 70, $10 each

Mixed: Low Gross: Wayne Onyx, Lisa Onyx, George Jones, Jean Jones 48, $10 each; Low Net: Connie Franklin, John Franklin, Earl Walker, Jim Bickett 44, $10 each

The following teams have bragging rights:

HOA: Low Gross: Layne Varney, Linda DiPalma, Marty Eckstein, Nancy Eckstein 64

SBGC Turf Crew: Low Gross: Brendan Waddell, Oscar Holquin, Justin Bowen, Robert Carpenter 55

Thanks to everyone who played. We raised close to $2,000 for sprinkler repair. All winnings on your account.