NWC Volunteer Rose Ann Dennette

Rose Ann Dennette (photo by Jennifer Gustafson)

Neighbors Who Care (NWC) volunteer Rose Ann Dennette, who originally hails from Massachusetts, started volunteering in 2016. She has been an integral part of our Transportation service program—in particular, taking clients to and from their dialysis appointments.

When asked why she volunteers, she was quick to note, “It’s really important to give back,” adding, “When my mom was sick and I was working full time, it was difficult for me to take time off to help her. But there were so many agencies and people who stepped in to help her when I could not. I volunteer with Neighbors Who Care because now I can do things for others, just like others did things for my mom.”

That’s part of what makes volunteering personal for Rose Ann. But she also says that she greatly benefits from her interactions with our clients when she drives them to their appointments. “You meet so many nice people who are thankful for the services we provide,” she says. “It’s so simple and so rewarding. And, I feel like I’m getting back two- and three-fold more than what our clients get, because it makes me feel so good to help them out!”

Rose Ann has also become a valued member of our Community Outreach Team. Since 2021, Rose Ann has joined our Community Engagement Manager Jennifer Gustafson at various community days, open houses, and health fairs in Sun Lakes and Chandler. “I love working with Rose Ann,” Jennifer says. “She truly represents the spirit of Neighbors Who Care with her can-do attitude and genuine care for supporting our organization. She never says no when I invite her to help out at an event.”

Rose Ann says, “It gives me the opportunity to tell people about Neighbors Who Care and the impact we have on our community, whether for our clients, or as volunteers, or as a resource for those looking for help or information.”

Rose Ann’s positive attitude certainly shines through when she is interacting with people. And her warm smile reflects her kind heart.

When sharing her experience with those who are considering volunteering with Neighbors Who Care, Rose Ann is quick to say, “Give it a try, and see if it works for you! You might be surprised how much you get out of it while you are serving others!” Rose Ann also mentions how easy it is to volunteer, especially with the flexible scheduling and the option to choose the services you want to provide.

Her final comment about volunteering? “You would do it for a friend or neighbor, wouldn’t you? So, why not do it for others who have no one else to help them?”

To learn more about how you can make a difference as a Neighbors Who Care volunteer like Rose Ann, call Jennifer at our office at 480-895-7133, Ext. 160.