November Bocce Ball news

By the time you are reading this article, all repairs and upgrades should (hopefully) be in place and completed; replacement of two warped side boards; new bench tables; repaired old artificial grass and also added a new layer of artificial grass; added two new shade canopies on the north and south side of the court; and installed on site an enclosed information board.

October, November and December will be open play from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. for all SunBird residents and guests. If either you or your group need a learning session or is missing another player, contact one of the committee members listed below.

Equipment is located in two seater containers at the south end of the court; the combination number is 8524. You are required to return all equipment and lock up when finished.

There is no car parking on Championship. It is okay to park golf carts on the gravel. Please respect all surrounding houses; do not litter and keep noise level down.

During November and December the Bocce Ball Committee is requesting all interested SunBird groups, couples and singles to contact one of the following committee members:

Dianne/Mike Reed 612-616-9431; Frank/Chris Nechvatal 883-9262; Bob/Teri Namon 802-4684.

Your names/phone numbers will help us build a schedule for the 2016 season.

The Bocce Ball court is still a test model. Your attendance and support will help to make this test model into a future amenity.