Notes from the Board of Directors Meeting

The SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association Board of Directors election deadline was Nov. 15, and verification/tally of the votes was completed Nov. 16. Three seats were open on the board, and six SunBird homeowners expressed interest in filling these positions. The three candidates receiving the most votes were elected to the board. The results have already been sent by email blast to SunBird homeowners and published on the SunBird website.

The results were as follows: Chuck Heitbrink – 528, Dave Edington – 383, Bob Lama – 349, Christine Nechvatal – 331, Willima (Bill) Moore, Jr. – 260, Michele Le Blanc – 253.

We want to thank the SunBird Elections Committee and volunteers for helping with the election process. We also want to thank each candidate for their willingness and interest in serving SunBird. Thank you!