Notes from the Board of Directors Meeting

Lisa Onyx, HOA Board Secretary

The Board of Directors had a Business Meeting on Nov. 23. The following are notes from this meeting:

President Nancy Eckstein called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. All members of the board were present.

The Treasurer’s Report, given by Jim Anderson, was accepted.

The Manager’s Report, given by Layne Varney, was accepted.

Committee Liaison Reports:

Project Review Committee—Dan Buescher reported the restrooms are completed under budget and the pool sound system was repaired for nominal money. The new logo on the clubhouse will be provided by the Kare Bears.

ACC Committee—Bill Ley reported 65 permits were issued for the month of October. Homeowners are responsible to get all permits required, not the contractor. Christmas lights should not be turned on until Thanksgiving night, and they can stay up for 30 days after Christmas.

Finance Committee—Jim Anderson reviewed projects with Bill Hook, and the Finance Committee reviewed their charter. Jim said they need three more committee members to get to their target of seven committee members.

Marketing & Welcoming Committee—The welcome events on Nov. 10 received positive feedback from the 34 attendees. The next breakfast and dinner are scheduled for Dec. 9. Next season, this committee will focus on renters. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, at 2 p.m., room TBA.

Rules Committee—Chris Nechvatal said they currently have five committee members, and they are looking for two new members. The committee reviewed the updated ACC Guidelines for signage and agreed to have the Rules Booklet reflect their wording, because it would eliminate some duplication. They also reviewed the Rules Booklet and discussed changes that are just aesthetic and clarifying in nature. The team was asked to review the Code of Conduct, Traffic Rules, Patrol, and Gate Control prior to the next meeting.

HOA/Golf Club Committee—This committee met on Nov. 12 to discuss the proposed CC&R change. The Golf Course will have a fundraiser in March. The committee will contact the San Tan News to see if they will do an article on SunBird.

Nancy introduced the Board of Director Candidates: Jim Anderson, Dirk Close, and Linda DiPalma. Chuck Heitbrink was not in attendance.

The motion passed to accept the request of the Planning Committee to replace existing warped sideboards on bocce court 1 at a cost of $550.

The motion passed to accept the request of the Planning Committee to purchase additional fabric to complete the curtains for the stage in the ballroom. The cost for the additional fabric was $6,000.

The board reviewed their 2020 goals, and a summary can be found in the Nov. 23 Business Meeting Minutes on the HOA website.

The motion to proceed with sending the proposed CC&R Amendment to the membership passed via a roll call vote. The proposed CC&R Amendment would allow $300 from each new home sale to be allocated to the Golf Club for capital expenses. There is no cost to current homeowners. Consent forms will be mailed to residents by the end of December. Frequently asked questions are available in the Pro Shop, at the HOA office, and on our web page.

Before the vote, following Arizona law and our attorney’s guideline, and to eliminate any potential conflict of interest, Nancy called on each board member and asked if they have any potential conflict of interest with this motion. The board responded as follows: Dan-no, Bill-no, Jim-yes (he is a member of the golf course, and his wife Julie Anderson is on the Golf Board), Nancy-no, Steve-yes (he is a member of the golf course), Linda-no, Lisa-yes (she is a member of the golf course, and her husband Wayne Onyx is on the Golf Board).

The motion passed to accept the request of Steve Seel to provide a lit Christmas tree in S. Coral Gable cul-de-sac. Approval was received from all homes within the cul-de-sac, and safety cones will be provided. Homeowners in the cul-de-sac will pay for the tree.

The street sweeper was a new driver and traveled much slower through the community, doing a much better job cleaning the streets.

The clubhouse exterior painting project has started. Contractor is power washing now, and fresh, new colors will be painted on exterior of clubhouse, post office, guardhouse, and monument sign at front entrance. This project will take approximately four weeks.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m. by Nancy Eckstein.

The next scheduled meeting will be a combined Organizational/Agenda Planning meeting on Monday, Jan. 4, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. The next Business Meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 25, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. At this time, each of these scheduled meetings is planned to be in compliance with the governor’s orders and CDC guidelines. Guidelines for attending: Stay home if sick. Wear a protective face mask. Do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the meeting start time. Do not shake hands or make any type of physical contact with others. Adhere to social distancing by staying six feet away from other people. Cough into a tissue and immediately throw away. After the meeting is adjourned, please do not congregate, and disperse immediately. Thank you for helping us all stay safe and healthy!

Next Agenda Planning meeting and Organizational meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 4, at 10 a.m. Business meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 25, at 10 a.m. Both meetings in the ballroom.