Notes from the Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors met Monday, Nov. 22, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. The following are notes from that meeting.

Members present: Steve Seel, Lisa Onyx, Jim Anderson, Dirk Close, Linda DiPalma, Chuck Heitbrink, Manager Layne Varney, and Dan Buescher was excused.

The meeting was called to Order at 10:01 a.m. by President Steve Seel.

The Board reviewed the Minutes for the Oct. 25, 2021, Business Meeting. A motion by Lisa to approve the minutes, seconded by Linda. Approved 6/0.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Jim. He advised the Board that Year to Date Cash was $1,368,834 and the Contingency Fund was $274,407. The current balance in the Reserve Fund was $831,139, however the road repairs of $231,000 were not paid. Revenues continue to exceed expenses due to greater than planned home sales.

The Manager’s Report was presented by Layne.

Road Work

Most of the work is complete and a punch list of work to be addressed in the next few weeks.


One home is delinquent, and a lien has been filed. Six homes are currently 30 days past due, with a delinquency rate of less than ½%.

In October, 10 homes were sold, bringing the total year to date to 135, and exceeding the projection of 110 homes sold for the year.

Horizon Room

Joe Turley has been interviewing several candidates for various positions. He is creating a culture of fresh food and now implementing various procedures and policies for the kitchen and the front of the house. Supply issues are still occurring.


Due to the overwhelming response, Bar Bingo and Trivia have been moved to the Ballroom and both will start at 7 p.m.

The first SunBird Music Festival was a huge success. Between 1,200 and 1,500 attended and had a great time. Special thanks to Wendy Weber for her vision and work to pull this event off.

Over 200 residents attended the annual Halloween Dance.

The Veterans Day appreciation program was held at the Flagpole area this year, with over 200 attending. Several favorable comments were made concerning the new format.

SunBird held its annual Community Day and was well-received by the vendors and residents.

The Horizon Room will be featuring a New Year’s Eve Dinner and then a New Year’s Eve Party as a separate event.


We are still waiting for new barrier arms for the gates. Two vehicles attempted to enter the exit gates and had all four tires flattened. We were reminded to slow down and observe the speed limits.

Committee Liaison Reports

* Architectural Control—54 permits were processed so far this month and 481 for the year to date. Some new front door colors are ready to be approved and additional colors are being reviewed. These new colors are for the front door only and no other use will be permitted.

* Finance—A detailed review of the September financials included revenue, expenses, and the balance sheet. Preliminary reports indicate the Music Festival was funded by our sponsors. Member Carollyn Hanson will be preparing a comparison report of HOA Dues of the various communities in the area.

* Project Review—New arches are being installed in the Clubhouse and will include artwork to compliment the design in the new carpet.

* Rules—Political signs were reviewed and discussed and no change to the current policy concerning signs in the garage will be taken. Residents were reminded that all political signs must be in accordance with Arizona law.

* Welcoming and Marketing—Our first meeting will be held later this week.

* HOA/Golf Board—Halfway Hut is currently not in operation. Next year’s overseeding cost is expected to be approximately $85,000 and may result in some areas not being reseeded. The algae in some of the lakes has been treated with fish-friendly treatments. The Golf Course continues to work with developing a plan to coordinate their efforts with Springfield.

* The Election Committee met on Nov. 16 and verified the results of the election. There were 25 spoiled ballots. It was announced that Dirk Close and Dan Buescher received the greatest number of votes and would be elected to a three-year term on the Board. The Board thanked Lyman Warnock for his desire to run for office.

* The Project Review and Planning Committee Recommended that the windows and doors in the Hopi and Navajo be changed to double pane glass for energy efficiency. The estimated cost of the project is $39,287. The goal of the committee is to have all the windows replaced in five years. There was no further discussion. A motion by Steve to approve the project, seconded by Linda. Approved 6/0.

* The Pro Shop lease was discussed, and the Board clarified that the lease would be for two years with an annual review. The amount of the lease would remain the same and include the current electric charges. A motion by Dirk to approve the lease, seconded by Linda. Approved 6/0.

The Board discussed making a change to the CC&R’s regarding voting. The Board was advised that our attorney had advised that we should not make a change as the voting procedure is in accordance with the Arizona Planned Community Act. The Board agreed not to pursue any change at this time.

Layne reviewed the comment sheets and action will be taken as required.

President Steve Seel adjourned the meeting at 10:50 a.m.

The next Board of Director Business Meeting will be Monday, Jan. 24, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. Have a happy and healthy new year.